We specialize in Jamaican cuisine with the most authentic delicious Jamaican food in all of North Carolina.

Whether your event involves a large or small gathering, we consider your needs unique, so we encourage you to call us to arrange for an in-person consultation. 

Have us plan you're next gathering we take care of it all. While planning a one-of-a-kind event can be exciting, staying organized and keeping up with the details can be overwhelming and that's where We come in. Our experience and passion will make your vision come to life. Just think of it we do all the planning for the venue, food, entertainers, and music this is the help you need.

You will have The Ultimate Jamaican experience when you come to Ama’Gees food truck! Soak up some good music,  Naturally cool vibes, and ambiance while chef Honey Bee & Giddeon cook you your favorite Ama’Gees dishes! Be prepared to be greeted with Blessings. 


Welcome to Ama’Gees!! Ama’Gees food truck is widely followed by the most loyal customers who tell us every day that We have the best delicious and authentic Jamaican food. We provide top quality products, herbs, and spice to ensure your tastebuds will savor every single bite. 

To top it all off the truck is the ultimate outdoor experience for take out food stop and go, with a nice vibe of listening to some sweet Reggae music as you wait for your order.

AMA' GEES is rated as the best food truck in the State of North Carolina. Come on down and see for yourself!





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